New Post!

Man, Firefox is starting to annoy the fuck out of me lately. I don’t know what I’ve installed, but it likes to hang every once in a while for no good reason. Probably need to clean out all of those extensions I like so much…

Anyways. This is my life lately.

On Saturday I:

(1) woke up, felt like shit… but not as shitty as i could have been

(2) had a phone conversation with my mother about my lack of a job. this is as fun as you might imagine.

(3) i get off the phone with her after deciding that i wanted to go for a walk. i knew that going for a walk would clear out my system some, this general malaise having floated through the week with me on and off.

(4) round up the ipod, put on a sweater, decide not to take my toasty hat. it’s only 4pm, and it’s brisk outside, not cold. my destination is Half Price Books on Guadalupe

(5) alright, 5pm, i finally make it to Half Price. it was a long longer walk than I thought it would be, but i made it, and i feel good, and i listened to bob dylan the whole way there, which was nice.

(6) they’ve got a Christopher Moore book! finally! i buy it. can’t resist.

(7) 15 minutes later, start on my way back. this won’t be so bad.

(8) oh jesus. the wind is starting to pick up, and i’m not even to 45th street yet. how much longer can i take this?

(9) the wind has been blowing in my face steadily for 20 minutes now. i’m convinced i’m going to get pneumonia. i’ll step into the comic book store to warm up. oh… they’re closed. okay, i’ll step into the next place i get to.

(10) good fucking lord that took forever to get to mcdonalds… i sit down at a booth and shake, and pant, and feel like a human popsicle. i guess i better order something so they won’t kick me out.

(11) alright, that was the first time i’ve had mcdonalds in years, and i scarfed it in 10 seconds… and i’m still hungry. my metabolism is apparently angry with me.

(12) alright, i’ve finally got the nerve to start on the final leg of my journey… it can’t be that far, can it? I’m on the street that goes into my neighborhood…

(13) it’s a lot further when you don’t have a toasty hat and your feet hurt like a motherfucker, but i finally make it home, and take a hot shower, and curl up on the coach under a blanket feeling traumatized. have decided to be dead to the world, watch dvds.

(14) doug calls. “wizard people, dear reader”? no. staying in tonight.

(15) i finish the last episode of dead like me on the disc, and sit up and realize that i actually don’t feel bad anymore. in fact, i feel pretty good. alright, even. i get up and call doug back, round up some beers and head over to watch this thing that i’ve heard so much about.

(16) two minutes in, i can’t stand the dude’s voice. this is supposed to be funny? i don’t get it. i tend to interrupt at points to alleviate my dislike of this whole thing, but i’m trying to humor it.

(17) eventually it gets to the point where none of us are even paying attention anymore. Justin is with me on hating this whole thing. it’s the guy’s voice, and his constant monotone inflection. it’s just not that funny.

(18) we stop the cd, justin heads home. doug and i sit and talk about music for a good 20 minutes, then i go home.

(19) can’t sleep for some reason. lie in bed for half an hour or so until my body finally gives in.

On Sunday I:

(1) wake up and my legs haven’t seized up or anything, this is a good sign.

(2) watch: Farscape Episodes 2, 4 and 3

(3) took another walk. shorter this time, and with a toasty hat (just in case). my foot hurts. my leg hurts. but i do it. okay.

(4) watch: Farscape episode 6 and the final three episodes of Firefly. A single tear.

(5) can’t sleep. wake up repeatedly throughout the night. Don’t really get a good sleep started until after 7am, probably.

On Monday I:

Didn’t get a job yet.