On Track

animal-scaleThanks to a suggestion from Eddy, I started tracking my calorie intake a few weeks ago using an iPhone app called Lose It. He told me that just being mindful of what he ate helped him lose weight, and the app made it even easier. I’ve been feeling a bit self-conscious about my doubling chin and growing gut, so I figured it couldn’t hurt to try. Amazingly enough, even though I’ve exceeded my goals more than once since I started logging everything I eat, I’ve already lost a few pounds. Now I just have to convince myself to start exercising…

One thought on “On Track”

  1. Glad you lost some weight, it’s always nice to see real data that confirms that what you have been doing has some value. Hope you can stick with it after the newness wears off. They say you have to do something for either 21 or 23 days in a row to make it a habit. And a good habit, like exercise or good eating, is difficult to regain after breaking it, as I know from personal experience. Love, Dad

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