One Year Is Nothing

“There are dreams and there are career plans. They are not the same. Some dreams are compensatory: visions that we retreat to in times of stress, like blankies for infants, things that comfort us and tell us what we need to be told. The dream of being a famous writer can be like that: a dream of infantile power and attention that disguises the more immediate need — for safety, self-love, serenity, peace in our hearts.”

via Should I leave L.A. after one year? | Salon Life.

One thought on “One Year Is Nothing”

  1. This reminds me of something i just read in the book i’m reading now (the Woman in the Dunes) so i thought i would share here –

    “Saying you want to become a writer is no more than egotism; you want to distinguish between you and the puppets by making yourself a puppeteer.”

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