OK, I Am Officially Addicted To:


seriously. i feel like i shouldn’t be so into doctor shows, of all things (scrubs and this), but damn if this one doesn’t seriously catch my fancy. i just watched three episodes in a row… two of them got me a little choked up and all three were hilarious. that, to me, is damn fine television… so i bought it.

always happens to me. amazon.com at 2 am. oh well.

…oh and i guess i was supposed to write up the story of my roadtrip. whoops!

4 thoughts on “OK, I Am Officially Addicted To:”

  1. Hey Jeff,
    House is awesome. I’ve been watching it since the inception, and I love how the character development drives the story arc, while each individual episode is a self-contained thrill ride. It gets better as the series goes on, and there are lots of fun surprises.
    And Dr. Wilson looks familiar because he was the kid who shot himself in Dead Poets Society.

  2. I drove from Austin to San Diego a little over a year ago and the trip took about 22 hours. Of course, we decided to split it into two days, but that’s how long the driving part took.

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