they can make machines save us labor. someday they’ll do our hearts the very same favor.

so, this “blog” has become deader than dead. a doornail.

you might ask… why? well, mostly it’s because i hardly ever seem to want to sit down and write it in anymore. things do happen to me, but, on the whole, they are not interesting things. most weeks seem to be about the same, including some or all of the following:

– 40 hours of work.
– a variable amount of sleep.
– _at least_ 1-2 movies on dvd.
– several dozen episodes of various tv shows (not just Scrubs, either!)
– drinking in a bar on Friday and/or Saturday night. sometimes Tuesday if we’re bored enough. the occasional party breaks the “bar” monotony.
– cats demanding food at all hours of the day.
– eating out more than i should instead of buying groceries (Thundercloud Subs, mostly. That’s kinda healthy, right?)
– searching out new music constantly.
– shooting the proverbial _shit_ with my long-suffering buddy “Beau”:
– doing my best to figure out the “fairer” sex. they exist only to baffle me.
– not writing. not writing a bit.
– thinking about what i’d be writing if it wasn’t for that whole “not writing” thing.

all of that said, i do think that i’d like to ramp this sucker back up a bit. it’s good to keep a record of where i am and where i’ve been. i think it’ll always be really valuable to be able to look back on my past exploits to help analyze the present.