er, right…

so for some reason, somebody out there thought that my “entry on scientology”: was authoritative enough to link to from two separate “wikipedia”: entries. i know this because i looked in my webstats and i received traffic from those pages. this just seems kind of silly to me, because my entry wasn’t particularly useful, and there are a whole lot of sources out there that are “better”: and “more informative”: accordingly, i went in and edited those pages that linked to me. on “one of them”:, i fleshed the entry out a bit and added better links. “on the other”:, i just removed the link to my journal.

apparently anybody can seem like a good source if they’ve been on the internet long enough…

One thought on “er, right…”

  1. Hi. Once again, I am coming to this entry late, but maybe you’ll see this one, since you saw the last.

    I’m glad you updated Marissa Ribisi’s Wikipedia entry. But I think the pronoun in the last sentence is unclear. The ending reads, “Interestingly enough, according to Lermanet’s guide to Beck and Scientology?(, Marissa and her brother were both delivered by Bibbe Hansen, Beck’s mother. She is a scientologist.” I think people might be confused about who that “She” refers to. Bibbe is the last female mentioned, so one might think you mean her, but I’m also thinking you might mean Marissa. At any rate, they are all Scientologists; you might want to say that!


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