I took this picture tonight, and within ten minutes of uploading it to okcupid, three girls messaged me, one of whom was pretty damn cool and who i had an excellent conversation with for a good half-hour. who’da thunk it?

EDIT: Doug, i don’t know why you had to post your comment twice. i didn’t delete it, although i do have to despam the comments regularly, so i might have gotten it accidentally or something. as for my receding hairline, i always make a point of including another picture that clearly shows how much hair i actually have. jerk. see you at juan’s on sunday.

3 thoughts on “Wha?”

  1. i think posting that pic screwed up the formatting of you site, but other than that, well done.

  2. It also hides your receding hairline. What!? Someone had to say it!

    I had to post this again. Did you delete it the first time?

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