Somewhere along the line, comments got broken on this site and nobody pointed it out to me until now. I just figured all of you guys were too lazy to comment. Or you hated me. Something along those lines. Anyways, feel free to comment like madmen from now on. It’ll be amazing. Comment-a-riffic, even!

3 thoughts on “Whoops!”

  1. your were right about one thing, i was lazy. i knew they didnt work but i was too lazy to tell you. is that any better than the other two?

  2. oh yeah, whats with me not being able to show a directory lisitng of stuff on my site? i try to go to sherman.unsquare.com/photo and it tells me forbiden? wtf’s that about? btw, where are the comments shown, i made one eariler, obviously, but i cant see it anywhere?

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