Post Crazy

Somehow I’ve become the most active poster in the “unsquare family”, but I guess it’s not that hard when it appears that most of you guys are just using your space as storage, which doesn’t really bother me – I have unlimited server space, after all (don’t ask me how… I don’t know). At least Daniel is using his site to show off his reel, which I haven’t even done with all my writing and photography… urgh.

God, my computer is depressingly old. My thought was…. well, if I was desperate enough, I could buy a dvd burner for really cheap, but… that’s silly, because if I spend any money on anything electronic it should be a new goddamn computer.

I am so tempted to just put myself in more debt to get one, but… I can’t pretend that I’ll have the money to do that. At least I finally paid off my Best Buy card, which was a nice feeling… except when I think about the fact that my computer is too slow to edit the video I’ve shot on my camcorder.