Stupid Hackers

I really hate Windows PCs.

On Tuesday when I came into work, my boss showed me that the homepage of one of our websites had been hacked – most likely caused by various spyware/viruses/keystroke recorders that were floating around on any number of the computers we use for work – although most likely it was my boss’s computer; her daughter had apparently gotten on Kazaa and filled the computer with spyware.

And so now I don’t trust any of the computers at work. Even though I was making a point to run AdAware regularly, I get the impression that quite a lot of other things can lurk in the bowels of Windows, and I just don’t like it.

Accordingly, I’ve also just spent a bit of time and changed all of my important passwords… I don’t know if anything of mine was taken. Ugh. It just freaks me out. And makes me wish that I could work on my Mac all the time…