Okay, I Need to Get Cracking

I am starting to feel restless about not having written anything creative in a while. Mark has, of course, been pestering me about writing the film script idea that I had. I don’t know if I’m going to start on that or if I’ll try rewriting Living in Concussion, or… who knows.

I think, though, that before I can really get started on anything like that, I should really devote what free time I have to making a nice, robust personal website. I’ve been sitting on my hands for too long here.

Hopefully soon I’ll be able to start redesigning www.boblilly.com. If you don’t know who Bob Lilly is, he was one of the original Dallas Cowboys, and he is now an incredibly talented nature photographer. He provides most of the photography on my work’s website (www.nacq.com – the digital picture printing & frames website). This would be a remarkable chance and a really prestigious thing to be able to put on my resume. I just have to wait for his current webmaster to get back to me with the information I need so that I can transfer it over.

Last night I sat down to watch the first few minutes of the new Trainspotting DVD, ostensibly to check out how good the transfer was, and I found myself getting drawn into the movie. I wasn’t tired because I had slept a few hours earlier that evening, and so I ended up watching the whole thing and thoroughly enjoying it. One thing, though… it’s starting to seem more and more surreal to watch “90s” movies because the looks and style are becoming more and more like time capsules of the far-removed past. Trainspotting is definitely a “90s” movie, as is Pulp Fiction and any number of others. Makes me feel… old? I dunno.

I was really excited to hear that Bourne Supremacy made $53 million this weekend, apparently knocking the socks right off the moviemakers, who were taken quite by surprise, especially since it knocked Spider-Man 2 out of the top spot. I actually enjoyed Supremacy so much that I went out and bought the “Explosive Extended Edition” of Bourne Identity, which I have yet to watch. I’m skeptical about the “new” beginning and ending, but such things don’t really matter either way. I’ve wanted the movie for a while, and so buying it now seemed like as good a time as any.

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  1. Yeah, I’m glad to hear that about the Bourne Supremacy, too. I bought the Bourne Identity as well the other day, though I was sad that there was a movie ticket in there for Supremacy, which I have now already seen.

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